The ancient technique of mantra chanting is fundamental to almost all mystical traditions, including yogic, buddhist, egyptian, muslim, jewish, and many indigenous cultures. By repeating sacred invocations over long durations, a deep mediative state is achieved and communion with spiritual principles.​

Devotional Singing

Sound Meditation


Mystical Music...

Sacred Music & shamanic Sound

Fields of sound that are rich in harmonics and primal in nature can induce deep meditation, healing experiences, and profound visionary journeys in expanded consciousness. The didjeridu, tibetan singing bowls, native flute,

and drums & rattles are traditional instruments used for ceremony and shamanic healing.​

Singing devotional music is a powerful way to create sacred space through contemplative group coherence. Kirtan and Taizé are two devotional singing forms that have spread across the world and are providing a basis for sangha, or spiritual community, for millions of spiritual practitioners.​


The mysteries of creation and the mysteries of sound are one, both are vast realms of vibrational frequency, both have limitless expression, both arise from a profound intelligence beyond rational knowing. The power of music to move the soul, open the heart, and alter consciousness is an ancient science. In the Vedas of ancient India, it is Nada Yoga, union with sound. The essence of Om, the primal vibration, gives rise to all phenomena.

the yoga of sound